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I've been playing through a lot of renai games lately so I'm going to do this to keep track of them.

Name: The Sun Misses The Moon
Status: Demo.
Site: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-sun-misses-the-moon/45012
Rating: ?
Pairing: M/M?

Description: "The Sun Misses The Moon is a LGBT visual novel with elements of college-life, unrequited love and supernatural alternate dimensions. It has been under production for over five months and early versions can be found on Game jolt. The story continues to grow and gather strength in concept each day.

There are currently several characters that make up the spine of the visual novel itself; Sol Kasmay, Lukas Archibald, Marvin Archibald, Turi Sisiro and Shin Kwon. Each of these characters have up to eight unique emotions and their own theme to go with personal situations.

The story is focused around Sol who is a young freshman in college attending with his best and only friend Lukas Archibald. Like most people, Sol has no idea what is in store for him in the near-future. However one thing IS for certain, the protagonist isn't always the center of his/her own story."

Art: Pretty good. Cohesive style, UI is clear, the character designs are cool and the character art is clean and cell shaded. The POV character Sol in particular is a cutie. My only gripe was over Lucas' pose. I wanted to push his hand down the entire game. The backgrounds are photos, slightly blurred, and they're also nice and clean, and for a demo there are quite a few of them. At one point you go from one room on campus to another and this is animated with a series of shots down a stairway. It was a nice touch.

Writing: For a demo there's a lot of it, and it's decent. All of the characters have clear voices and the dialogue feels natural. There were a few spots where the script seemed to jump a little. Either things got rehashed, or a jump wasn't smooth, but those issues were minor and rare. The story as it's revealed in the demo sets up some interesting questions and includes a major cliffhanger, so there's some promise here.

Choice: 1 (ish). This is where most games and I part ways, as I'm in the "more is more" side of choice in VNs. There were technically two places where I had to click something but in one case there was only one choice. In the other case there were two. Since this is a demo it's hard to tell how divergent things will get in the final product, but as it is it is only hitting the minimum required to keep from being a straight up kinetic novel.

Gameplay: There were no additional gameplay elements.

Overall: If a complete game is released I think it would be worth checking out, though a lack of routes in the demo is concerning.

Put your hand down!

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